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Your DevSecOps Partner for Secure and Agile Development

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DevSecOps enhances the DevOps workflow by introducing security measures, and tests in the DevOps pipeline. Our certified DevSecOps practitioners have practical expertise to understand, implement and manage the DevSecOps program in your organization. Through our channel partnerships with industry leaders we can design, build, and host an efficient CI/CD pipeline while integrating innovative and effective toolsets.


DevSecOps automatically bakes in security at every phase of the software development lifecycle, enabling development of secure software at the speed of Agile and DevOps.


Our DevSecOps Services

At Sarela Technology, we specialize in providing comprehensive DevSecOps support to empower your development teams with the tools and practices needed to seamlessly integrate security into every stage of your software development lifecycle.

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Secure Code Development

Elevate your software development process with secure coding practices. Our DevSecOps experts work alongside your development teams to embed security measures directly into the code, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing overall software integrity.

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Continuous Integration and Deployment

Streamline your development pipeline with continuous integration and deployment practices. We help you automate testing, build, and deployment processes, ensuring that security measures are integrated at every step, allowing for rapid and secure releases.

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Automated Security Testing

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities early in the development cycle with our automated security testing services. From static code analysis to dynamic and interactive testing, we employ cutting-edge tools to fortify your applications against potential threats.


Container Security

Leverage the power of containerization while maintaining a strong security posture. Our experts ensure that your containerized applications meet industry best practices for security, allowing you to benefit from agility without compromising safety.

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